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Tel: 01622 695688  |   Email: dave@kentcleaning.com

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About Us

Did you know? 

We have a vast amount of experience in the office cleaning sector. We all had part time jobs to top up our wages from our full time jobs where we gained expereince in cleaning commercial offices, factories, liesure centres and many other commercial environmments. The only way to get experience is by getting your feet wet!

I started Flawless Finish many years ago back in year 2000, so you know we have been around for a while. Our staff are trust worthy and our own not agency staff unless it is a huge job where we need extra staff. 

Good thing about us is our flexibility to work with our clients. Ask how we can help you.

We want to try and be different. Up front and honest. Our team can delivery what you want and we are good at it. We all have full time jobs, so we only clean in the evenings or early mornings and sometimes at weekends but we like to keep these free for family time. 

Looking to change cleaning companies

I am sure you have guessed we are an office cleaning company. Thats why you are here. So you either need a cleaning company at an affordable rate or you are unhappy with the service you are recieving. If you are looking to replace your cleaning company, as much as I want your business replacing a company does not alway work. There are many factors to look into. Poor service may mean that there is not enough time to clean the office so an increase in cleaning cost may be required or possibly a new approach to the way the cleaning is being performed is required. 

Common complaints

Office left in a mess, cleaner has not turned up, Board room was not done, mirrors are smeary, bins not empty, cups have been missed. 

Ok, is the cleaning company resolving this? Have they spoke to you? What action are they taking?

We work with our clients. Every environment is different. Some office environments are what a call "respectful". There staff actually help a little by not being lazy. Yes, I know you are paying us to clean but there are limits. 

The most common complaint we know of is "desks were not clean". the question here is, Are the desks clear from clutter. If not thats is where we need to start first. If the desks are not clear we cannot polish and clean them. Your staff need to get into a routine and be tidy as well. If we are at fault we will correct this. A guarantee is as only as good as the company that writes the gaurante

The other complaint have heard of is The cleaner left early or is not spending the amount of time on site that we are paying for. Our way of working is not the amount of time on site. You are not billed for hours on site. We work different, so do different people. Everyone has a different production rate. Lets give an example. one typist can type 60 words per minutes the other only 40 words per minute.

You are billed for a monthly service and a visit for your office to be clean and tidy as you expect. We sometimes work in pairs or groups. It all depends on the work load we have on that day or that week. 


Did you know that most staff in cleaning companies are only part time and have 2 - 4 members full time. All jobs are taken on and are covered by a supervisor until they can fill the position. Sometimes they never fill the position. A lot depends on location, access times to wheather they take on the job.

  • Our own cleaning machines
  • We can supply toilet rolls, paper towels and more
  • No contract, No tie in for years pay as you go just like a mobile phone. 
  • Fully insured
  • Flawless Finish is a Ltd company
  • Competitively prices and possibly even beat the price of the Big companies. 
  • Because we know our cleaning is competitive we do our best to deliver a great service
  • Do you have light bulbs that need replacing? we can do this for you. 
  • Need you your offices repainted? Yes we can do this too!